Solid Fuel Stove Flue

Solid Fuel Stove Flue
Solid Fuel Stove Flue

Within the area we list our range of Solid Fuel Flue Kits, Solid Fuel Flexi Flue Liners, Solid Fuel Twin Wall Flue and Solid Fuel Vitreous Enamel Flue pipe

Solid Fuel Stove Flue There are 36 products.


  • Solid Fuel Flue Kits

    Within our Solid Fuel Flue Kits are we list a selection of standard flue kits for solid fuel

  • Solid Fuel Flexible...

    Within our Solid Fuel Flexible Flue Liner section we have a range of flexible flue Liners in 4" and 5" and 6".

  • Solid Fuel Twin Wall Flue

    Our Twin Wall Solid Fuel Flue is a factory made twin wall insulated stainless steel chimney system. It is suitable for use on solid fuel, oil and gas applications.
    It can also be used in high efficiency condensing applications. 

  • Solid Fuel Vitreous...

    Our enameled components are made from 1.2mm thick zero carbon steel. 
    All joints are fully welded which provides an excellent gas sealed joint and offers minimum resistance to flue gas flow.The system then has two coats of Class A quality enamel applied to both the inside and the outside of the pipes and accessories.