Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Balanced Flue Gas with Zero Clearance Frame

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Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Balanced Flue Gas with Zero Clearance Frame

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Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Zero Clearance Fire,Wall Box & Frame kit, High Efficiency 82% 4.25 kw Balanced Flue Gas Fire GS1SLIM

The Studio Slimline offers all the distinctive hallmarks that are synonymous with the Gazco Studio range, with the added benefit of a slimmer firebox specifically for simple installation.

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€ 4,200 tax incl.

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Max Heat Output4.25kw
Flue OutletRear Exit Flue Only

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Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Zero Clearance Fire,Wall Box & Frame kit, High Efficiency 82% 4.25 kw Balanced Flue Gas Fire GS1SLIM

Slimline Zero Clearance (ZC) Gas Fire

This new installation option offers homeowners the choice of fitting the Slimline without having to specially construct a non-combustible wall, making for a more cost effective installation.

Increasing the appeal of one of Gazco’s most innovative gas fire ranges, Zero Clearance Kits are being introduced to allow homeowners to install either Slimline 1 or 2 fires into an opening or enclosure constructed from combustible materials. They will also allow installation into conventionally constructed walls without the need to remove plasterboard from adjacent surfaces.

Slimline Zero Clearance (ZC) Clearance Frame Finishes

Slimline fires installed with Zero Clearance Kits are offered with a choice of three specific new frames including the new ZC Steel or ZC Glass available in either black or white.

Alongside the Studio 1 Slimline, the Studio 2 gas fire is now also available as an LPG model, meaning that homed without mainline gas can still enjoy this stylish fire. With its expansive flame picture and flexible installation options, the Slimline is sure to appeal to an even wider range of homeowners.

Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Range

Slimline Zero Clearance Frames offer unique, eye-catching and functional styling options. Cleverly designed to not only enhance the look of your fire, each frame also allows cool air to
be drawn from the room and around the Zero Clearance enclosure. The air is then heated and convected back into the room, reducing the surrounding wall temperatures.

Frame options are available in two, specifically designed frame styles exclusive to the Zero Clearance Slimline range. Choose from ZC Steel in a Graphite finish or ZC Glass in a choice of either White Glass or Black Glass, both providing an exceptional finish that completely covers the fire’s installation edge whilst creating a stylish focal point.

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline Specification:
Safety Flame Supervision Device (FSD),
Airwatch System
Type of Heat: Radiant & Convected
Heating Efficiency: 82%
Heat Input High: 5.2 kW
Heat Output High: 4.25 kW

Fuel Bed Options:
Log Effect, or Pebble Effect (also available with upgrade to Black, Red, or Clear Glass Pebbles)
Gazco Studio Slimline Fuel Bed Options

Firebox Lining Options:
Natural Cream Vermiculite Lining, Natural Brick Effect Lining, or Black Reeded Lining
Gazco Studio Slimline Lining Options

Key Features

  1. Zero clearance box enclosure to reduce wall temperatures (included with frame)
  2. Shallow firebox depth of just 155mm
  3. Balanced Flue connection
  4. Choice of linings
  5. Choice of contemporary or realistic fuel effects
  6. Choice of new Zero clearance box frame styles
  7. Convected and radiant heat system
  8. Convected heat system outlet
  9. Programmable Thermostatic remote control
  10. Rear exit Balanced Flue Termination Kit included*
  11. External battery holder for ease of battery change*
  12. Optional mains adaptor*

* Not illustrated

Control Options:
Fully Sequential Remote Control.

Installation requirements:
No Air Vent required
Balance Flue Option: Rear Exit Kit Only - 8526SL
Components ( 1 X 462mm terminal length )

Please note from the back flue connection POINT on the gas fire , the minimum cuttable flue length is 80mm. The maximum flue pipe length on the Studio Slimline fire is 500mm -from the flue connection point of the fire to the outer wall. THIS IS NOT EXTENDABLE.
Gazco Balanced Flue
(NB Guard Required for below 2m)

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No Chimney No Problem Fire!

As a Passive House Gas Fireplace-passive home fireplace-this appliance will result in a higher BER rating in your Irish home.

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