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Frequently Asked Questions on Home Delivery?

GasCompany Deliveries

Thank you for choosing www.TheGasCompany.ie to purchase your new appliance.

For your convenience, We have compiled the details of our delivery details below,

Delivery Details & Charges

Nationwide delivery direct to your door, 

"from Galway to Sandymount - Kinsale to Letterkenny, and ALL in between"

Delivery Costs:

Small Appliances (eg: Fire Coals, Small Heaters, etc.) €10

Medium Appliances (eg: Cookers, Fires, Fridges) €25

Large Appliances (eg: Ranges, American Refrigeration) €50

If your ordering in Multiple, let's say a kitchen package, The Most you will ever have to pay is €50 for delivery!

Removal of an Old Electric Appliance

Our delivery team is happy to remove you old electrical appliance provided it is

  • Free of all fixtures and fittings

  • Completely defrosted and emptied of all food ( refrigeration products)

  • The appliance must be of the same type and size, as the appliance being delivered.

Should you require any additional information please contact us.

Order Tracking

When you order with us, we will give you an 'ASO' (Appliance Sales Order) Number.

With This Number you can, at any time, call us to check the progress on your order.

Contact Details

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Email: Eric@TheGasCompany.ie

* Lines Open Mon to Sat 9-15am-5pm
Out of hours you may leave a message and we will return a call to you.