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What is a Freestanding Gas Cooker ?

What is a freestanding gas cooker?

A freestanding gas cooker is an appliance or range varying in sizes of 50cm, 55cm or 60cm wide with gas rings on a top hob and 
an oven under the hob for cooking food with gas.
The gas rings on top are gas burners consisting of a circular metal pipe with several small holes through which gas can escape to 
be burned, hence creating the flame which in turn cooks your food or boils liquid.
The gas that is used in these cookers can be either "natural gas" or "LPG bottled gas". Most appliances are set up to use natural
gas, but can be converted with a conversion kit so they can use LPG.
In all of the fore mentioned models, there are various sizes on offer in relation to the width of the appliance and these are 
50cm (19.5"), 55cm (21") or 60cm (23.5"). Most of these cookers have a standard height size of 90cm (35.5) and a depth size 
of 60cm (23.5) although there are a few exceptions to these dimensions that are also available to purchase in
The Gas Company or online at www.thegascompany.ie in some models of freestanding cookers.

There are also many options that you can have in the design of your cooker, with regard to where you 
want the grill positioned and how many ovens you would like on the appliance. Some of these options would be as follows:

Gas Double Oven Freestanding Cooker (available in Gas, Electric or Duel Fuel only)

Gas Twin Cavity Single Oven & Grill (available in Gas, Electric or Duel Fuel only)

Gas Single Cavity Single Oven & Grill (available in Gas, Electric or Duel Fuel only)

Gas Eye-Level Grill with Single Oven (available in Gas or Gas using LPG Bottled Gas only)