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What are Freestanding Electric Cookers ?

What are freestanding gas cookers?

A freestanding electric cooker is an appliance that uses electric as its fuel type to cook or heat food. The cooker consists 
of a hob on top containing 4 rings and an oven and grill in one compartment or seperate compartments underneath the hob.

The most common methods used on hobs include, among others, coil elements (the most common and familiar kind of 
"electric" cooker), halogen heaters, and induction.
The newest of these methods is "induction" this is a powerful, high-frequency electromagnet, with the electromagnetism generated 
by sophisticated electronics in the "element" under the unit's ceramic surface. When a good-sized piece of magnetic material--
such as, for example, a cast-iron skillet--is placed in the magnetic field that the element is generating, the field transfers ("induces") 
energy into that metal. That transferred energy causes the metal--the cooking vessel--to become hot. 
By controlling the strength of the electromagnetic field, we can control the amount of heat being generated in the cooking vessel.

Another method of electric hob cooking is "Halogen Cooktops" these use hugely powerful lamps similar to normal incandescent 
light bulbs only hotter and brighter. When electricity flows through the filament, the lamp gives off light and gets hot.

There are various sizes on offer in relation to the width of electric cookers and these are 
50cm (19.5"), 55cm (21") or 60cm (23.5"). Most of these cookers have a standard height size of 90cm (35.5") and a depth size 
of 60cm (23.5") although there are a few exceptions to these dimensions that are also available to purchase in
The Gas Company or online at www.thegascompany.ie in some models of freestanding cookers.