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What are Freestanding Duel Fuel Cookers ?

What are freestandind dual fuel cookers

Duel fuel freestanding cookers, much like gas & electric cookers have various sizes on offer in relation to the width 
of electric cookers and these are 50cm (19.5"), 55cm (21") or 60cm (23.5"). Most of these cookers have a standard 
height size of 90cm (35.5") and a depth size of 60cm (23.5") although there are a few exceptions to these 
dimensions that are also available to purchase in The Gas Company or online at www.thegascompany.ie.

Dual fuel cookers offer the responsive cooking capacity of a gas hob alongside the even heating of an electric oven . 

Dual fuel generally refers to a gas hob and electric oven because this set-up offers the most convenient and most 
preferred method of cooking for many families. To install this sort of model in your house you will obviously need 
access to electricity and a gas supply (mains or LPG). 

On some models the two cavities consist of a grill and an oven, on others the grill also doubles as a second oven. 
Usually the main oven is the bottom cavity and it often offers fan cooking capabilities. 

The second oven is the upper cavity and while this can also be a fan oven, more often than not it is a conventional oven. 
Bear this is mind as you use the appliance as conventional ovens don't heat as evenly as fan ovens and you 
may need to preheat the appliance before you commence.

In terms of the gas element, a dual fuel cooker can be a great benefit. Top chefs sing the praises of cooking on 
a gas hob because of the speed with which they respond to change in comparison to an electric hob. 
If you turn down the flow of gas, the flame becomes smaller and so heat is immediately reduced.