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What are Washing Machines?

What are Freestanding Washing Machines? What are Integrated Washing Machines?


There are lots of variables when looking for your new Washing Machine. There are alot of manufacturers, and colours, to choose from.
However, the most important factors to choose from, is to decide what suits your needs best.

If the Washing Machine you currently have suits you and your family's needs, well then go for a machine withe the same Drum Size, and Spin Speed.
If, however, your old clothes washer doesn't suit the family anymore, you'll then need to work out your own needs.

Just say you have a large family. Your new appliance will need to have a larger Drum Size, and possibly aHigher Spin Cycle Speed, as this will allow for larger loads at one time.
If you have a smaller family, or the kids have all packed up and left home, then a smaller Drum Size, andLower Spin Speed, will suit your needs.
If you, or anyone else in the household, suffers from allergies then a Steam Washing Machine is a must! TheseSteam Washing Machines actually reduce and treat allergens in the clothes, and soft funishings.
Steam Washing Machines also help ease creases to aid with the ironing! 

The Drum Size is measured in KG's (Kilo-Grams)
The listed weight of a Washing Machine is the maximum load that should be put in the appliance. It is worth remembering that the maximum load allowed in the Washing Machine is the weight of the clothes when wet.
Drum Size should be determined by the amount of Laundry that is needed to be cleaned.
Washing Machines are available in 3kg, 5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 7.5kg, 8kg, 8.5kg, 9kg, 10kg, and even 11kg,Load Size.
Spin Speed of Washing Machines is measured in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute)
This is basically the number of full turns the drum will make every minute during the intense spin cycle. Most newWashing Machines will have selectable Spin Speeds, that will allow you to choose the best spin for your wash.
There are several Spin Speeds to choose from when looking at your new machine, Starting with the lowest and working up they are, 1000 Spin, 1100 Spin, 1200 Spin, 1400 Spin, 1600 Spin.

After deciding the ideal Spin Speed, and Load, for your new washing machine, It is now time to decide which machine you will need.
Depending on the kitchen you have, and on the way you are fitting your machine into the space you have, there are several types of machines to choose from.
At a quick glance there are Top Loader Washing MachinesFreestanding Washing Machines,Integrated Washing MachinesSteam Washing Machines and Compact Washing Machines.

Most New Washing Machines will have LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and many different programmesto select from to get better results depending on what you're washing.
Also some Washing Machines now come with Wide Opening Doors. These machines allow the door to open right around, and allows easier access to the Drum.

Energy Ratings are a very important feature to look for in your new Washing Machine.
The Better the Energy Rating, the less electricity the Washing Machine will use, and the best machines (A++ Ratings) will use only a small amount of Electricity and Water to comlete a Wash Cycle .
The Energy Ratings on Washing Machines are worked out for; Overall Energy PerformanceSpin Energy Performance, and Water Consumption.

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