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What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer!Carbon Monoxide cannot be smelled,heard of seen !

Homeowners rarely forget to alert their home to the presence of smoke or fire by use of a Smoke Detector/Alarm - but as Carbon Monoxide is a highly dangerous gas - it is just as important - if not more important to protect you home from this silent� killer CARBON MONOXIDE.

Installation of a Carbon Monoxide detector has become even more important , in recent years, in homes due to increased use of solid fuel, gas and other home heating appliances in the average household and the increase in home renovations and newbuilds.

What are the common Causes of CO Poisoning?

Dangerous amounts of Carbon Monoxide can accumulate in the home for a number of reasons. Carbon Monoxide can occur as a result of any of the following:

  • Always enure your home appliances are installed or serviced by a properly qualified /accredited and registered installer.
  • Ventilation of a room is very important when using certain gas or solid fuel fires /appliances. Ventilation should also be considered when carrying out home improovements with your builder.
  • Carbon Monoxide can also occur when a cooking appliance is used for heating purposes.
  • Combustion Engines such as cars, vans etc...(even lawmowers) can create Carbon Monoxide.
  • Heating appliances -which are Faulty or damaged,or if they have been poorly installed,serviced - or not serviced at all!

Symptoms of CO Poisoning

Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be similar to those caused by other illnesses such as a cold or flu. They include

  • Unexplained headaches, chest pains or muscular weakness,Sickness, diarrhoea or stomach pains,Sudden dizziness when standing up,General lethargy

What should I Do if I suspect any issue of Carbon Monoxide?

If there is anyone in your house with the symptoms - get out immediately to get fresh air, seek medical advice and ask you medical advisor to check for Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

Stop using the suspected appliances immediately and do not use it again until it has been checked by a registered installer or a qualified service agent.