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How to set a Central heating ClockHow to set a Central heating Clock?
Setting a Central Heating Clock is very Easy.
Normally the setting of a Digital Heating Timer is similar to setting an alarm clock.
Setting of an analogue Timer works by sliding plastic pegs into time slots to turn on and off the Boiler. 
Click here for- how to set a central heating timer
How Central Heating Works?
Central Heating works by using a centralised Boiler to produce Hot Water. This is then pumped around Radiators which give off heat around the house. 
Central Heating also gives Hot Water for Sinks & Showers when it is running.
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What is a Central Heating Pump?
A Central Heating Circulation Pump simply moves the hot water from the Boiler around the Radiators and Copper Cylinder , which stores the Hot Water.
What is a Central Heating Programmer?
A Central Heating Programmer works similarly to a Central Heating Clock Timer.
What is a Central Heating Thermostat For?
A Central Heating Boiler Thermostat allows the temperature of the Boiler to be adjusted. 
For Example, during the Autumn you won't need as much heat produced from the boiler - during the Winter the Heat required will normally be much greater.
The Central Heating Thermostat is normally located on the Boiler.
What is a Radiator Thermostat For?
A Radiator Thermostat allows a Radiator to be adjusted to suit the temperature of the room.
What is a Central Heating Room Thermostat?
A Central Heating Room Thermostat allows control of boiler in response to the room temperature where it is fitted.
The Draw-back of this may be that you're Boiler Turns off when the Particular room comes up to temperature.
Radiator Thermostats are normally a much more efficient option. 
What is a Central Heating Boiler Service?
A Central Heating Boiler Service should be done normally every 12 Months.
A Gas Boiler Service insures that the Boiler is working correctly, and helps with the efficiency of the Boiler.
Click Here to Read More, or Request a Boiler Service.
What is a Gas Boiler Flue?
A Gas Boiler Flue is where the Boiler releases it's exhaust, and draws in air for combustion in the case of Modern Gas Boilers.
On Most Wall Mounted Gas Boilers the flue simply comes off the top, and turns through an outside wall.
What is a Gas Boiler with Back Boiler?
A Gas Boiler with Back Boiler allows you to conceal the Boiler behind a Fire front.
These Boilers need a Conventional Brick built Chimney to allow them to be fitted.
What is a Gas Meter?
A Gas Meter is normally sited at the Front or Side of a House.
The Gas Meter Measures the amount of gas being used in the house.
Meter readings are normally taken to check the usage against Gas Bills
How do Radiators Work?
A Radiator Works by Convection Heating. The Larger the Radiator that more heat you will get from it.
Older Radiators, particularly single panel types, aren't very efficient. The Modern Double Panel Radiators with Convectors between the panels are the most efficient choice.
These are available on our Website here.
What is an Expansion Vessel?
And Expansion Vessel is a small, normally red, circular Steel tank that allows for expansion of the water in a Central Heating System as it heats up.
What is a Cylinder Jacket?
A Cylinder jacket, also known as a lagging jacket, keeps heat in the Copper Cylinder for Longer by insulating sides and top.
Most Modern Copper Cylinders are now already Insulated before being fitted and no longer require a lagging Jacket. 
If you are thinking of updating your old Copper Cylinder, see here for a full list of prices and sizes of the Ready Insulated Copper Cylinders.
What is a Central Heating System Power Flush?
A Central Heating Power Flush involves pumping (at higher than normal pressure) water & cleaning products around an existing central heating system.
This can improve the performance of the radiators, and the Central Heating System in general.
Alternatively, you can now use a magnetic cleaning system, known as 'Magnaclean', to clean the system.
This 'Magnaclean' method is much easier on the heating system as they use less chemicals, and the are available to buy here.