Burley Image Platinum 4237 Flueless Gas Fire

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Burley Image Platinum 4237 Flueless Gas Fire

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Flueless Wall Gas Fire Burley Flueless Hole In The Wall Gas Fire 4237

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Flueless Wall Gas Fire Burley Flueless Hole In The Wall Gas Fire 4237

What Are Flueless Gas Fires?
Flueless Gas Fires are a perfect option for someone who Doesn't have a chimney.
The Fires are 100% efficient, and operate by cleaning the exhaust from the burner.
The major benefits are no loss of heat up the chimney!
Available in a large Range of types, and Sizes.
No Chimney ! No Problem !

Flueless Gas Fire Burley Flueless Hole In The Wall Gas Fire 4237 Manual Gas Fire. Chrome and Pebble Effect

When purchasing this fire from www.TheGasCompany.ie - the fire is supplied with a first fix box for easy fitting and preparation by the Gas Installer.

Product Overview:
Freestanding Gas Stove
Designed for homes without a chimney or flue

Product Information:
Maximum Heat Output 2.5kW
100% Efficient
Realistic Coal Effect

Colour Options:
Coal Effect

Control Options:
Manual Control as standard

Optional Remote Contol

Fuel type Options:
Natural Gas
LPG Bottle Gas

Technical Information:
Minimum room size of 40m3 (cubic metres) required together with additional ventilation of at least 100cm2

Burley introduced fixed flueless gas fires to Britain in 1999. Although the concept is relatively new in this country, fixed flueless gas fires have a long established history in Japan (where there are 40 million), the United States (approximately 20 million) and Australia. Fixed flueless gas fires give a combination of convenience, efficiency and safety which flued fires can never equal. We have entered an era of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages and global warming. It is short sighted to continue wasting energy at such a rate when there is an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in so many way



Most of the heat from an open flued gas fire or solid fuel fire goes straight up the chimney. By comparison 100% of the heat generated by a flueless gas fire goes to heating the room. Tests commissioned by Burley compared a 2.5kW flueless gas fire (Burley Environ), a typical 6kW inset flued gas fire (quoted efficiency 59%), a decorative flued gas fire and a 2kW electric fire. These tests showed that the flueless gas fire produced over 3 times more heat per kilowatt than the flued gas fire and over 12 times more heat than the decorative gas fire. In other words the flued gas fire lost over 70% of the heat up the chimney and the decorative fire lost over 90%. If the 15 million flued gas fires in Britain were replaced by flueless fires, the country would save around 23,500,000,000 kilowatts of gas every year (costing £1,600,000,000) which in turn would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 4,200,000 tonnes every year.

As Burley’s flueless gas fires do not rely on a chimney, they provide an unsurpassed level of safety to which flued fires can only aspire. Flues and chimneys can become blocked or adversely affected by down-draughts. Burley flueless gas fires are designed to burn the gas extremely cleanly without a flue. The burnt gases are then passed through a catalytic converter. Every Burley flueless gas fire has an oxygen depletion sensor which constantly monitors the air quality in the room. If the level of oxygen drops by just 1.5%, the fire automatically shuts down. Burley’s production method is unique. Every flueless gas fire we have ever made has been bench run for 30 minutes, during which time we monitor numerous combustion and safety criteria. Burley’s rigid test criteria for combustion are four times stricter than the European standards.
Air movement
Flueless fires gently convect heat throughout the entire house. A small air vent regulates air into the room which is being heated. This heated air dissipates away from the fire and circulates around the house. A chimney or flued fire, by comparison, draws a huge amount of air from around your house. This is warm air (that you have paid to heat) which is replaced by cold air leaking in through windows and doors.
Catalytic converters
All Burley flueless gas fires incorporate a catalytic converter. This is a honeycomb which is coated with rare metals. Oxygen ‘sticks’ to the coating. If a carbon monoxide molecule meets it, the oxygen converts the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (which is harmless and is present in fresh air). Burley has NEVER had a catalytic converter fail or need replacing. All Burley appliances are CE marked by international test houses. One of the tests that the fires must pass is to have the catalytic converter removed. In this condition it must still pass all the strict combustion tests.
A flueless gas fire can be fitted in minutes rather than several hours. It is an extremely simple and problem free operation provided the CORGI registered fitter follows the installation instructions. If it is to go in an open chimney, then the flue must be blocked. Apart from that the fire just needs connecting and testing, and the air vent fitting. When fitting a flueless fire, it does not need to be sealed to the fireplace opening. Flueless gas fires do not have to be installed on an outside wall. As no flue is required, thousands of pounds can be saved by not building a new chimney or restoring a condemned one. Annual servicing for a flueless fire simply consists of cleaning the fire, checking the combustion, and checking for damaged components.
No problems with chimneys

Chimneys and flues are fraught with potential problems, all of which will stop a flued fire from operating safely.

1. The fabric of the chimney could collapse.
2. A nest or debris could block the flue.
3. Atmospheric conditions or open doors can create a down draught.
4. Extractor fans can create a draught to reverse the pull of a chimney, causing it to spill the products of combustion into the room (this makes flueless gas fires particularly popular and safe for use in pubs and restaurants).

Burley's flueless gas fires suffer from none of these problems.

lthough installation of flued and flueless gas fires is permitted in bedrooms, Burley does not recommend it. Gas fires may not be fitted in basements which do not have at least one side open to the outdoors, or in bathrooms. If in doubt please call Burley service department for more advice.
An air vent which provides not less than 100cm2 free air must be installed in the room, at least 1 metre away from the fire. A chimney, ceiling or floor vent is not suitable.
Central heating
Flueless fires are not designed to be the sole source of heat in a room, they are supplementary to central heating. Insufficient ventilation or background heat could cause condensation to form on colder surfaces.
Existing chimney or flue
Existing chimneys and flues must be blocked off completely. A cavity wall box is supplied with the Environ and we recommend that this is used in all cases.
Fireplace requirements
All inset appliances require a non-combustible fireplace, hearth and back panel. The hearth must extend at least 100mm from the front and sides of the fire. All materials within 200mm of the appliance must be noncombustible. All materials, including the fireplace, mantel, shelf and wall above (including any varnishes, paints etc) must be rated to withstand a constant working temperature of 1500C. You cannot put televisions etc on the wall above the fire. The fire comes with a 60mm spacer fitted to the front trim. We recommend that this spacer is left on as it will keep the surfaces of the fireplace cooler.
If you would like your Environ fire to be completely freestanding you will need to order a ‘spacer kit’ which fits to the back of the fire.
All products come with a one-year guarantee. Return of the guarantee card will provide you with a free second-year guarantee (conditions apply). As with all gas appliances, the fire must be serviced annually by a CORGI registered fitter.


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