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What are Catering Appliances? A Catering Appliance is a cooking appliance used in a commercial kitchen as opposed to a domestic Kitchen. Catering Appliances such as toasters, cooking ranges, microwaves or ovens are available from

Catering Kettle
What is a Catering Kettle? A Catering Kettle is a kettle large used for water boiling in a commercial enviroment. A Catering Kitcen is a large water kettle typically used "behind the scenes" in a ... [More]
Catering Water Boilers Autofill
What is an Autofill Catering Water Boiler? A Catering Water Boiler is a mains fed thermostatically controlled water heater used in a commercial or catering kitchen for heating water.... [More]
Catering Water Boilers Manual
What is a Catering Water Boiler? A Catering Water Boiler is a larger water boiling appliance typically used "behind the scenes" OR Front of House in a commercial or catering kitchen.... [More]
Catering Coffee Machines
What are Catering Coffee Machines? A Catering Coffee Machine is a manual fill coffee making appliance used in a commercial situation. Ideal for any hotel, B&B, Guesthouse,Take Away, Restaurant,... [More]
Catering Boilers Counter Top
What are Counter top Catering Boilers used For?Where space is at a premium this Boiling Top with 2 hotplates provides additional cooking capacity with a small footprint.... [More]
Catering Fryers
What are Catering Fryers? A Catering fryer is a single-tank Fryer which uses only 6 litres of oil giving you great results whilst saving you money.... [More]
Catering Griddles
What are Catering Griddles? Catering Griddles are designed for meat or fish cooking and The BURCO high quality Griddle with smooth griddle plate and single heat zone is a vital piece of equipment in ... [More]
Catering Hot Food Storeage Bains
What is a Bains Marie? The Bains Marie is ideal for holding pre-cooked foods, soups and sauces at a safe temperature prior to serving.(Uses Dry Heat to Hold Food Temepature)... [More]
Catering Grills
What is a catering grill? A catering grill is best described as a counter top commermial grilling appliance normally used in a commercial kitchen as opposed to a domestic Kitchen all available from ... [More]
Catering Toaster
What is a Catering Toaster? A Catering Toaster / Commercial Toaster is an electric appliance used for toasting of bread products in a commercial kitchen or business.... [More]
Catering Multi Cooker
What is a Multi Cooker? A Multi Cooker is AN Extremely versatile cooker used to cook rice, pasta, vegetables, meat or fish. Can also be used to keep soups or sauces warm.... [More]
Coffee Machines -Domestic
Integrated Domestic coffee machines.... [More]
* PRF = Producer Recycling Fund