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A Cooker Hood may sometimes be referred to as an extractor hood or kitchen extractor fan.

Island & Designer Hoods
An island hood is used when the cooker is positioned away from the wall, like an island within the room. A corner style chimney hood would be fitted into a 90 degree corner.... [More]
Standard Chimney Hood
Standard Canopy Hood... [More]
Curved Glass Extractor Hoods
Curved Glass Hoods... [More]
Flat Glass Extractor Hoods
Flat Glass Hoods... [More]
Flat Extractor Hood
Flat Canopy Hood... [More]
Corner Extractor Hoods
Within our Corner Extractor Hoods category you will find a cooking hoods that can be mounted into a 90 degree corner fitting... [More]
* PRF = Producer Recycling Fund