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Electric Central Heating

Gas Boilers At, within our Central Heating Category you will find all your home heating requirements from Full, Electric Portable Heaters, Electric Oil Filled Heaters,Electric Timed Panel Heaters, Electric Styled Panel Heaters, Electric DuoHeat Storage Heaters, Electric Storage Heaters, Electric Combined Storage Heater,Electric Commercial Heating, Electric Bathroom Heaters,Electric Over Door Heaters, Electric Fires Link, to Solar Heating - available at

Electric Storage Heating
Electric storage heaters and Electric Combined storage heaters... [More]
Electric Bathroom Heaters
What are Electric Bathroom Heaters? Electric Bathroom Heaters are small electric fan assisted instant heaters. Electric Bathroom Heaters will give instant heat, and are operated with a pull cord.... [More]
Electric Panel Heaters
Timed panel heaters, electric wall radiators... [More]
Electric Industrial Heating
In our Industrial Heating Section, you will find portable and wall mounted heaters varying from 3kw up to 12kw. These fans are also suitable to use during the Summer as they offer a cool fan option ... [More]
Electric Over Door Heaters
What is over door heating? Over door heater convey a blanket of hot air out to act as a barrier to cold air. This electric heater uses an air curtain to heat over the door.... [More]
Electric Portable Heaters
What is Portable Electric Heating? Portable Electric Heaters can be easily used in all kinds of spaces. They feature small wheels and castors and are easy to move around the room.... [More]
Electric Oil Filled Heaters
What are Oil Filled Heaters.? Oil Filled Heaters are a Portable room heater. An ideal source of immediate heat. Just plug in and instant heat in the room.... [More]
Radiant Infrared Panel Heaters
How Infrared Heating Panels work... At the heart of Helvetic Radiant-Heating System is a far-infrared ray Panel, which consists of heat-resistant glass fiber plates to which an incombustible carbon ... [More]
Within this category we are clearing all "New X-Display Models" before the 2015 -2016 Trade Shows in September... [More]
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