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Ovens Hobs,Extractors

What is an Electric Hob? An electric hob is an electric appliance, which sits into the counter top, for cooking. There are 2 burner Electric Hobs,3 burner Electric Hobs,4 burner Electric Hobs and 5 burner Electric Hobs available. There are solid plate hobs,ceramic hobs and induction hobs available. Electric Hob colours available include white,black stainless steel, green or brown.

Electric Solid Plate Hobs
What is an Electric Solid Plate Hob? An Electric Solid Plate Hob is the traditional style of electric hob with a metal "plate like" surface.... [More]
Electric Ceramic Hobs
What is a Electric Ceramic Hob? An Electric Ceramic Hob is an electric hob with a glass like surface which uses ceramic bulbs to heat the surface of the cooking pot.... [More]
Electric Induction Hobs
Electric Induction HobsEnergy efficient, clean, safe and controllable, induction cooking works using a magnetic current that generates heat instantly and only through the base of your pan (that is ... [More]
Electric 30 cm Domino Hobs
What is a Domino Hob? A Domino Hob is a small 30cm wide electric hob which sits into the counter worktop surface. There are many differnt options of domino hob whicj include electric BAR B QUE,... [More]
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