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Energy Saving Tips
Energy & Heat Saving Tips;
If your home isn't properly insulated, it will be cold and it will cost you more to heat. There are several things you can do to keep your home warm.
Below we try to give you tips to save you money & heat!

Jargon Buster:
Looking at Central Heating, and even Gas Fires, can seem like a nightmare!
Even for 'technical people' some of the jargon used in relation to heating can be very difficult to understand.
Below is an easy to read list of some of the most commonly used Abbreviations, and Terms.
Jargon Buster

 Here's a list of good ways to keep Warm, and cut your bills;

  •  Good heavy curtains or blinds can cut your heating bills.
  • Set your boiler thermostat around 20˚C and only heat the rooms you use during the day.
  • Install Thermostatic Valve Controls on Radiators
  • Have a Regular Boiler Service – for maximum fuel efficiency.
  • Install a full radiator in your bathroom, chrome towel rails have much less heat output and may mean warm towels and a cold bathroom.
  • Draught-proof around the house especially windows, attic doors, external doors and letter box flaps to retain heat.

Using The System:
It is worth understanding how your Central Heating System Clock works and keep your instruction manuals.
Use a manual clock if you are not familiar with digital. If you don’t know how to set your clock and leave it as it was when fitted you will never get the temperature right.
Often it will be cold but you can’t turn it on or very warm and you can’t turn it down.

Always have a rad in the living room even if you have a fire. An extra rad costs very little to heat and is an ideal back up if your fire is not working.

Condensing Gas Boilers will cut your heating bill by as much as 30%, Consider upgrading to an "A" Rated Boiler

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Jargon Buster:
TRV - Thermostatic Radiator Valve. This will self adjust the temperature of the radiator to which it is connected

Lock Sheild - This is a simple 'on-off' style valve. It normally works in conjunction with a TRV

Flue - A flue is any exhaust system from an appliance

Heat Exchanger - Used to transfer heat from one Liquid or Gas to another

PCB - Printed Circuit Board. Simple board with connections, like the kind found in a Personal Computer

Gas Central Heating Frequently Asked Questions;

* PRF = Producer Recycling Fund