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Gas Cookers,Electric & BBQ

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Gas Cookers
In our Gas cooker category you will find 50cm gas cookers, 60cm gas cookers and 55cm gas cookers .Natural gas cookers and bottled gas cookers... [More]
Bottled Gas Cookers
Within our bottled Gas Cookers we list a range of gas cooker in 50cm,55cm and 60cm wide bottle gas cookers. Automatic Gas safety cut-off device fitted on all hob burners (if the flame goes out,... [More]
Garden Babeques's & Heaters
With our range you will find the Garden heater or Quality BBQ for any home or budget.... [More]
Dual Fuel Cookers
In our Gas cooker category you will find all types of available gas cookers in Ireland.... [More]
Catering Equipment
What are Catering Appliances? A Catering Appliance is a cooking appliance used in a commercial kitchen as opposed to a domestic Kitchen. Catering Appliances such as toasters, cooking ranges,... [More]
Electric Cookers
At within our Electric Cookers, There are 50cm Electric Cookers, 55cm Electric Cookers and 60cm Electric Cookers. There are white cookers, stainles Steel cookers, black cookers,... [More]
Carbon Monoxide Detector
For Complete Piece of mind, whether you Burn Oil, Gas or Solid Fuel, Insure that you get your appliances Serviced Regularly.But To Ensure Safety within the home a Carbon Monoxide Sensor can add that ... [More]
* PRF = Producer Recycling Fund