CORE5 5 Burner Black Glass Gas Hob

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CORE5 5 Burner Black Glass Gas Hob

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Rated power input:

  • Power supply: 1 A
  • Rated electrical power: 60 Watts

Gas Burners Power

  • Rear right, semi-rapid: 1.8 kiloWatt
  • Rear left, semi-rapid: 1.8 kiloWatt
  • Front right, auxiliary: 1 kiloWatt
  • Front left, triple ring/wok: 2.8 kiloWatt
  • Centre, wok: 3.8 kW

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The CORE5 Glass is a 70cm gas hob with 5 burners ranging from a wok burner, which is perfect for stir fries and small burners, ideal for simmering soups to meet all your cooking needs. The sleek stylish hob also has round, easy to use front controls and robust cast iron pan supports giving it the premium look and feel.

The hob also a range of different burners to accommodate cooking needs, along with robust cast iron pan supports and automatic ignition.

The CORE5 Glass has an LPG conversion kit included which means it can be used on Natural Gas (As Standard) or it can be converted to LPG Bottled Gas by a registered gas installer (
Technical Specification
UK 3 pin plug fitted to the appliance
The The CORE4 has a Mains lead with a cable length 1.5 metres

Rated Gas Input: 7.4000 kW
Power supply: 1 A
Rated electrical power: 60 Watts

Gas Burners Power
Rear right, rapid: 3 kW
Rear left, semi-rapid: 1.75 kW
Centre, wok: 3.8 kW
Front right, auxiliary: 1 kW
Front left, semi-rapid: 1.75 kW

Depth: 500
Width: 680
Height: 43

Automatic ignition - This means you just turn on the gas control and the automatic ignition sparks to light the gas flame.
Flame failure safety device included
Flame failure is a safety standard required on the Irish market for gas installation.
The Flame Safety device means that if a flame "blows out" the flame failure / safety device will shut off the gas.
It also means that a gas burner can only be turned on as an intentional act,

This just means unless the flame is lit and the control knob is held for 5-8 seconds, as a safety feature ,
the gas will not continue to flow through the gas burner and will shut down.

Wok Burner
The CORE4 Gas Hob is fitted with an extra powerful 2.8 kilowatt triple ring gas burner. This extra powerful gas burner is desi for large pots or wok cooking.

Cast Iron Pan Supports
The CORE5 Gas Hob is built with robust cast iron pan support for extra stability under the pots or pans.

Front Control
The hob controls design means that the controls are located on the front edge of the hob, for easy access.

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