LOFRA VENEZIA PRD96MFTE AEO 90cm Gas Dual Fuel Twin Cavity Italian Range Cooker.

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LOFRA VENEZIA PRD96MFTE AEO 90cm Gas Dual Fuel Twin Cavity Italian Range Cooker.

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LOFRA VENEZIA 90cm Gas Dual Fuel & Twin Cavity Italian Range Cooker.

Why to choose Lofa Range Cooking.

LOFRA was founded in 1956 by the Lovato Brothers who, in the post war period, began their activity producing paiolocaulderns with materials coming from remnants of war, then switching to the production of camping stoves, heating stoves and finally to stainless steel gas cookers for domestic use, to meet the basic needs of consumers.
The real turning point came in the mid-eighties. Over these years the company has grown, giving special attention to the quality of the finished product. LOFRA's has establisegd its leadership in the production of gas cookers and high quality ovens for the high end market segment. Their goal is the production of Lofra cookers at the highest level, using only “Made in Italy” components.

Lofra Modern Style & Coloured LOFRA VENEZIA COOKERS 

The LOFRA Venezia line is focused on innovation, with its efficient brass burners, the latest technology of the induction cooktops and the big electronic digital programmer.
Furthermore the possibility of having electric ovens equipped with rotisserie, blue enamel and cooling fan allows you to have a stylish but also performing product.
The perfect synthesis of innovation, functionality and space optimisation for your kitchen.

  • In a 90 cm cooker. Brass burners or induction cooktop
  • Big electronic digital programmer
  • Sturdy and stylish knobs
  • Ovens with black enamel
  • Different & vibrant colours on the oven doors

Venice is a unique city in the world, and the Venezia takes its own name to amaze us with its originality and charme. It is available in a range of classic and elegant colours, made even more refined by the special combination with stainless steel. You can choose between our Red, Pearl White, Ivory White, Stainless Steel and Matt Black. Dreaming of Venice will be much easier now.


  • Finished in satin stainless steel with a protection against scratches to increase its resistance and facilitate cleaning.
  • The 5 valve gas burners includes a high-power triple Wok burner, ideal for very fast cooking. The hotplate provides professional results through complete heating from the inside to the edges of pots and pans
  • The new Sabaf Series III burners have extraordinary properties that make them unmatched in the world. The highest level of efficiency and emissions reduced to a minimum.
  • A natural gas nozzle fitted as standard (optional PB nozzle on customer's request)
  • The Electronic ignition switch is integrated into the knob on gas hotplate points.
  • The range is fitted with a Gas Flame Safety Feature - all kitchens meet CEE safety standards. Each gas burner is equipped with the Gas-Sop Flame Safety Feature, which immediately blocks the gas supply in case the flame goes out
  • The ranges are also built with cast iron grate pan supports / holders - unchanged over time and practical to clean. The hotplate is Designed & Recommended for frequent and intensive use of the hob.
  • Built with an ergonomic and elegant fascia, athermal thanks to an innovative control panel adjusted to the entire device. This guarantees maximum protection against heat and steam after opening the oven
  • The hob of each Lofra kitchen range is made of in a single stainless steel plate. The goal of this is to avoid seams and gaps where dirt can easily accumulate and are more difficult to remove.

Main Oven

  • The main oven is and electric multifunction oven, electric with 9 programs
  • A Capacity 72l - Lofra ovens have a large internal space to be able to easily fit large-sized dishes
  • Internal dimensions 47,9x40x36,9 cm
  • Fitted with a rotisserie function - which will ensures even cooking of the food.
  • The main oven also has an electric grill - a classic grill with electric resistance necessary for grilling in accordance with the confidence and efficiency of the Lofra tradition
  • The temperature stability is ensured by the fan system. Optimal solution for dishes for which uniform heat supply and constant temperature are needed.
  • A timer for cooking on and off.
  • The main oven door is built with 3 glass layers, 2 of which are mirrored for less heat loss.
  • Main oven retractable guides - they ensure the weight of trays, grids up to 15 kg, as well as perfect mobility inside the oven. This also avoids the risk of tipping over.
  • The internal walls have an easy to clean enamel - special enamel with high glass content. This solution does not allow dirt to settle on the surface of the oven, making cleaning and removing greasy marks easy.
  • Heat dissipation Control - Achieved through the air flow design, forced through the ventilation, the cooker panel and the knobs remain "cool" even after prolonged use of the oven at high temperatures

Second oven

  • Electric
  • capacity 35l
  • internal dimensions 23x40,8x36,9 cm
  • Barbecue function
  • Fitted doors with 3 layers of glass, 2 of which are mirrored for less heat loss
  • Fixed oven guides
  • Enamel "easy to clean" walls

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